We are a leading Canadian producer of Cold Pressed Agri-Food products for human and animal consumption.

M&C Commodities is a Canadian seed processing company that was established in 2009 in Manitoba. Operating in the animal feed sector and more recently in Cold Pressed oils and meals for human consumption.

Our team is committed to the development of healthier and more sustainable food and has crafted products to supply the increasing need for plant based protein.

Our Cold Pressed and chemical free process is equipped to supply high quality Agri-Food products to humans and animals around the world.

Animal Feed

Animal Feed.

M&C Commodities processes soybeans using a dry extrusion method in a temperature controlled environment. This formula was created with the intent to produce a high-quality product that differs from regular animal soybean meals.

Here are the competitive advantages of our product:

  • High amino acids rate
  • Low moisture rate
  • No additives or fillers
  • 100% pure meal
  • High energy levels
  • High digestibility levels

Over the years, several studies have indicated that dry extrusion-expelling techniques provide better results on both ADG and G-F for hogs and chickens. Even though our protein levels are slightly lower than the average meal, we compensate that difference in higher energy, digestibility and amino acids. Our extrusion-expelled soybean meal is held in high regard by our customers, whom realize the differences in daily feed conversion results.

M&C Commodities also produces meal from Sunflower and Canola using a similar process.

Bulk Oil

Bulk Oil.

M&C Commodities produces Soybean, Sunflower, Canola and Hemp oil in bulk quantities for commercial use or private label.  Our oil is cold pressed and made without the addition of chemicals engineered to craft healthier and more delicious oil. We are able to ship via container virtually anywhere in the world in bottles, drums, totes or flexi tanks.

Please contact us for further information.

Plant Based Proteins

Plant Based Proteins.

Innovation Meets Sustainability with New Extraction Technology for Canola and Hemp Meal.

M&C Commodities has acquired new technology to extract protein from Canola and Hemp meal. Our mission is to add value to Canadian crops and produce sustainable plant based protein ingredients and finished foods for humans around the world. The technology has the ability to craft a wide range of formats from soluble to powder and can be used as an ingredient in a variety of foods. Much like our Melo’s Finest cooking oils, all of our plant based ingredients produced come from cold pressed meal using a chemical free process in our commitment to promote healthier cooking options.

Melo’s Finest Oils

Melo’s Finest Oils.

Stay tuned for our new line of Plant Based Protein Products.

Our cold pressed oils are 100% pure and made without the addition of chemicals. This is our not-so-secret formula that produces a tastier and healthier cooking oil.

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